John has been involved with CPER as a volunteer since 2005. He was a member of the working group which formed the Chimineas Ranch Foundation and has served as a board member since 2008 holding the positions of Treasurer  and Director.  His higher education includes work in public education and engineering degrees.    He served in the U. S. Navy.  John is an 8th generation descendant of an old Californio land grant family.  He has volunteered countless hours to local wildlife conservation groups since 1994.  He lives in Ventura where he has a successful business as a sales engineer.

FOUNDATION LIFE MEMBERS:   * First Life members~2011  ** Family Life Members

Steve Adam

Manny Bonilla

Ron Brack
Terry Bucher
Don Copland
Marguerite Costigan/T. Sanville
John Dodson
Filkin Family
Mike Fiore
Russell Francis

Freedman Family**

Eric Gamble**
Mark Gomes*
Michelle Groff
Bob Kober

Colin McAfee**

John McGray
Norm McDonald

Frank Morales

Terry Morgan
William Owen
Mike Post*
Mike Reinesto
Claudia Arnold Russell
Tom Rust
Andrew Schiedegger
Dan Shepard MD
Larry Smith
Michael Tarpley
Bill Thrift
Bill Tocci*

Randy Tognazzini**
Erin Whitfield
Brandon Wolfarth



Jake is a CPA and Senior Manager at a prominent Santa Barbara based accounting firm.  He specializes in corporate taxes and accounting.  In addition to his experience in public accounting, his background includes an undergraduate degree in Economics and Accounting from UC Santa Barbara and a master’s degree in Taxation from Golden Gate University.  All together this provides him with the expertise to oversee the foundation’s financial statements and government compliance.  Jake lives with his family in Goleta and spends countless hours outdoors, especially being involved in wildlife conservation and youth outdoor activities.



Mark has been involved with the Chimineas Ranch since 2005.  He was a member of the Working group that formed the CRF and he has served as Board Chair and Secretary.  He is a native Californian whose ancestors arrived in the early 1700's.  His family has been involved in ranching, agriculture and construction in the local area.  He is a Cal Poly graduate with studies in agriculture, biology and wildlife biology.  Mark served in the U.S. Navy.  He is a member of several community and conservation organizations in the Santa Maria area.  He is a businessman, outdoorsman and conservationist who owns his own General Contractor business in Santa Maria.



Larry has been involved with the Chimineas Ranch since 2005. He was a member of the Working Group that formed the Chimineas Ranch Foundation and he has served as Treasurer, Vice-Chairman of the Board and Board Chair.  He has a BS Degree in Natural Resource Management with a specialty in Fish and Wildlife Management . He served in the United States Army. He has served on other non-profit corporate boards for various organizations since 1987.  He has volunteered countless hours to many conservation groups since 1985. Larry lives with his wife and family in Atascadero where he runs a successful auto repair business as well as two Private Land Management wildlife programs on local ranches.



Mike has been involved with CPER as a volunteer since 2005. He was a member of the working group which formed the Chimineas Ranch Foundation and has served as a founding board member since that time holding the positions of Founding Chair, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director.  He also serves as the Historian for the ranch and has authored two historical publications.  He holds a Master Degree in Public Administration.  He served in the USMC.  He has volunteered countless hours to local wildlife conservation groups since 1995.  He has served on non-profit corporate boards for various organizations involved in conservation and mental health since 1990.  Mike's family has been involved in dairy and crop farming since 1814 in Ontario, Canada where Mike's uncle still continues the tradition.   He lives in Los Angeles with his wife where he runs the CRF corporate "office" and as a retired Chief of Police continues a part-time consulting business related to aviation and airport security.


Dave Hacker, Biologist
San Luis Obispo Count

People of the foundation

the people gathered in this photo were the original members of the volunteer working group that helped form the Chimineas Ranch Foundation


Matt Dockstader

Jim Glines

Norm McDonald *

John McGray

Pat Nolan

Dr. Dan Shepard *

John Will

​Bob Kober


The Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization.  That's both good and bad.  No person associated with the Foundation receives any compensation.  There is no paid staff.  The flip side is that we depend upon the availability of our volunteers to process your requests and donations, however generous.  You may reach any of the Directors by emailing the CRF at and the email will be forwarded to them.  Executive Director (and board member) Mike Post runs the remote office, gets the emails and answers the phone when he can!

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Don is a life-long native of the Central Coast.  His father shared his passion for the outdoors with Don at a very early age, a passion Don has shared with his kids as well.  Beginning his working life as a ranch hand, Don gained much of his "boots on the ground" knowledge and honed his agricultural skills until his employment with the County of Santa Barbara Dept. of Public Works as a heavy equipment mechanic and fabricator for over 30 years.  He has been a non-profit and wildlife conservation volunteer for many years, joining the CRF board in 2016.



Terry has been involved with the management of the Carrizo Plains Ecological Reserve, including the acquisition of the Chimineas Ranch properties, since 2000 as a supervising biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). She was one of the Department’s representatives to advise the Working Group on the formation of the Chimineas Ranch Foundation. Terry has a degree in forestry and wildlife management from Purdue University and spent more than 31 years with CDFW protecting the lands and wildlife of the Central Coast, providing recreational opportunities, and working with the public. Now retired, she and her husband live in Gilroy.



Steve is a former member of the Advisory Board for several years and was raised on a cow/calf and dairy farm in the Santa Maria Valley.  He is a retired peace officer and an active hunter/conservationist.  He is a certified 4-H shooting instructor and a CDFW Hunter Education instructor.  He is active in several local conservation groups.  He joined the CRF Board in 2020.


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