On August 15, 1979, a small wildfire burned on the ranch and fire crews were dispatched to fight the blaze.  Burning from Highway 166 northward up Carrizo Canyon the fire reached the "grant line" fence.  Seemingly a simple and non-threatening fire, it suddenly blazed up in what is called an "area ignition" and killed four Cal Fire firefighters from the Nipomo Station that were stationed on Sycamore Ridge.  A small memorial now marks the site.  This now infamous fire brought about major changes in wildland fire fighting techniques and equipment.

Rest In Peace:
Captain Ed Marty, 
Firefighter Scott Cox, Firefighter Ron Lorant, Firefighter Steve Manley.


On December 23, 1940, a massive rain storm washed out many of the ranch roads.  Two ranch employees, husband and wife, were returning late one night from a Christmas outing in McKittrick when their vehicle became mired in mud on the north road.  A combination of alcohol and exposure resulted in their death from hypothermia.  Their bodies were recovered the next day with the use of a D8 dozer as the conditions were so bad.

Rest In Peace:
Harrison and Malinda Riggs


In the summer of 1879 a young vaquero was herding horses across the north end of the Chimineas.  Unknown to the young man, his step-father had falsely accused him of stealing the horses and so informed the local vigilante group known as the "Coon Dogs".  The vigilantes intercepted the innocent young man and based upon the false accusation they hung him from an oak tree in the area now known on the ranch as "Deadman Flat".  No one was ever prosecuted for this crime.

Rest In Peace:
Miguel Lugo

Andrew Charles Lazzaretto Jr.


Member of the CRF advisory Board in 2013, elected to the Foundation Board and serving in 2014-2015 until his cancer forced his resignation and ultimate passing.  His family has been intimately connected to the Chimineas ranch through his connections with the Russell and Arnold families.

 In Memory of Those Who Died Tragically On the Chimineas

In memorium

chimineas has a long and sometimes violent history.  along the way people have lost their lives and futures.  this page seeks to memorialize their loss and their contributions to this wonderful place.

"light on the land"...an original work by Rosanne Seitz

In Memory of Friends of the Chimineas

From time to time the Foundation receives Memorial gifts in honor of someone who has passed on and whose connection with ranch inspired others.


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